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Bank Leasing

Cobra's business model was carefully conceived by it's founder, a high-energy CPA from LaSalle street with over 35 years combined financial services experience with leading Chicago based banking organizations. Cobra provides the most comprehensive bank leasing programs in the nation. Our bank leasing products help you cross-sell a valuable financial service, which enhances your customer retention by protecting bank relationships and expanding depository opportunities.

Cobra Capital is a direct funder and servicer, which provides your bank with the opportunity to manage credit exposure while simultaneously generating a new source of fee income. The unique combination of our human and financial resources defines how Cobra Capital differentiates itself from the competition and provides Solutions that work® for you and your bank customers.

Our four proprietary banking services include our Lease Purchasing Product (LPP); Direct Lease Origination Product (DLO); Vendor Lease Origination Product (VLO) and our Bank Equipment Product (BEP). LPP™ allows your organization to carefully test out a leasing product by setting up a broker desk to sell or hold leases. DLO™ arms your bankers with a cross-selling tool to offer your existing customer base. VLO™ targets the bank’s manufacturing and distribution customers and provides them with a product to increase their revenue base. BEP™ provides your bank with an option to preserve capital by leasing equipment for new or existing branch locations.

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